The Best Customer Management Software to Grow Your Business

Customer management software – also known as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software – helps small business owners organize their contact list.

While there are many different types of CRM available, the one I use personally and by far PREFER is Keap.

Why do I prefer Keap?

Because, for the price, you have a lot of creative freedom to either keep your list management simple with essential communication tools like email broadcasts and invoicing or you can let your imagination run wild to design complex marketing funnels.

In fact, I love the Keap company and their product so much, that I became a Keap Certifed Partner in 2018. I help clients on a daily basis work inside of their Keap applications. I’d also like to add that the links in this post are commissioned links.

So what is Keap? Keap is a CRM that, “…helps serious entrepreneurs get organized, follow up and automate to create peace of mind, grow sales, and free up time.”

Keap will help you do the following:

1. Get Organized

2. Make the Sale

3. Stay Connected

4. Customer Experiences

5. Free Trial

6. Conclusion

“Keap controls the chaos that every small business owner faces every day.”

Dev Parsons

Get Organzined

One of the biggest issues I see with small business owners is that they have long lists of contact information sitting in Excel spreadsheets or even in their Quickbooks accounts but they do very little to use that data for maintaining a relationship, nurturing prospects, or following-up to up-sell or acquire referrals.

The right CRM allows you to work your client list – adding new leads, educating prospects, and obtaining feedback. With Keap, you can easily add new leads by simply scanning business cards into the app on your phone, transfer your existing contact list, or have them input right from your website.

Once a contact is entered in your CRM, you can then tag and segment them according to their actions, level of interest, or any other category that is specific to your business.

Keap doesn’t just hold contact information but allows you to use your contact list to follow up and nurture existing and new customers. This is how a CRM can substantially grow your business!

Make the Sale

Keap will not only hold contact information, but it will also allow you to use that information for marketing purposes.

You see, Keap is also an automated email system that allows you to send email broadcasts, follow-ups messages, scheduling links, and create sales campaigns.

Keap is an amazing tool to create a marketing funnel so that you don’t drop leads or miss opportunities.

What Is a CRM?

Keap is a sales tool where you can create and send custom invoices, get paid directly from the invoices sent, and track any invoices to see what has been viewed, paid, or is past due.

Stay Connected

All of your communication with current and potential customers should reflect a level of sincerity and personal interest.

With Keap, you are able to personalize all of your communication easily with merge fields that allow you to add individual names and other personal attributes to a broadcast email – making everyone on the list feel important.

The Keap app allows you to save all of your communication with a customer so you can provide them with a personalized experience every time you talk.

And when you are done serving your customer, you can easily follow up to request a referral or review.

Customer Experiences

Lamar and Ronnie Tyler, Co-owners of Tyler New Media and Keap Customers

Keap has allowed us to operate like a huge business to our readers and customers while only being run primarily by my wife and me over the years. It has stabilized our income and allowed my wife Ronnie to leave her full time job to fully join the business which has had a major impact on our home life.” – Lamar Tyler

Luis Galindo and Jeremy Jones, Co-owners of FunkFit

“This tool has helped me get organized by really keeping everything that we do in terms of our leads in a specific, scheduled, organized manner.” – Jeremy Jones

The Keap Family of Apps

Depending on the type and size of your business, Keap has options for you. The Keap family of apps includes Keap Lite, Keap Pro, and Keap Max.

Keap Lite is designed for the solopreneur and newly established business. Keap Pro is for growing businesses who have more customized needs, and Keap Max is for businesses “with teams that need a robust CRM solution.”

Free Trial

Customer Management software is an essential tool for any small business. The old saying, “Time is Money” still applies today.

Adding a CRM to your business will not only save you an enormous amount of time, but will also help you to get organized, make more sales, and keep you better connected to your customers.

Below I have added an exciting opportunity for you! A FREE 14 Day Trial of Keap!

Simply click the button below to be directed to the Free Trial Homepage!


Social media management doesn’t have to be overwhelming. As small business owners, we are provided with so many amazing tools that can help us to stay organized and current with digital marketing trends. We fall behind our competitors when we stop trying and give in to the feelings of overwhelm.